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"Erratum correction"

Hello all ,

First of all thank you to the softonic team and particularly Nick Mead for reviewing so thoroughly and very accurately our freeware.

As part of the cocoonsoftware team , I however take this opportunity to clarify a bit some of the comments ,somehow I have sent Softonic wich unfortunately seemed to never have reached Nick.

1) There is no need for codec pack installation or anything like it :

Quick Media Converter is using ffmpeg open source code and contains its own set of codecs for converting and you are also able to preview the files with ffplay also included in the quick Media Converter package.

2)Conversion errors

A lot of the errors were corrected in version 3.5.7 that is our final release and no more in beta . you may get errors however but only when the codecs used in your files are proprietary and not available yet for open source , this is the case for audio codec QCELP for instance or the latest Real Media audio and Video codecs for instance.

3)Languages :English and French

4) OS : Works very well in vista also

  • Designed specifically for ease of use for all users, it is very simple and intuitive to use no one needs to be an engineer to convert a video file now ...
  • Very powerful and reliable application
  • 100% Free program
  • Does not support certain proprieatary codecs such as QCELP

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10 Jul 2008

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