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"Wonderful freeware I just love it !"

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First of all the version is not up to date the latest version is HD and there is also a Beta Version Beta

I use this software all the time for my personal conversion from my blackberry and other mkv files I want to convert to divx or xvid to make them readable on my dvd player.

I an therefore confirm that This software does what it claims and this very nicely conveniently and fast , the speed of the converter depends mostly on what type of conversion you ask it to do of course if you ask for HD or h264 it will take longer as it does with all other converters using ffmpeg .

It Supports an incredible range of formats and uses ffmpeg latest versions . It is most of all very simple and intuitive to use. It just seems to me that for some obscure reason there is a campaign against this freeware I I want to set the record straight as I think it is unfair.

Just check on the comments on other sites and you will see how different they are from here, even the tester on this site is not up to date as they are on softonic Spain and France and germany who strangely enough do not have the same analysis but a much better one .

I strongly recommend it to all of you

  • Functionnal
  • Supports a wide range of formats
  • Contains Camstudio
  • Very easy and intuitive to use probably even the simplest converter you may find
  • Reliable
  • Batch file conversion support
  • Nothing to date

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19 Jul 2010

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