Quick Media Converter

Quick Media Converter

Multiple format video converter

Quick Media Converter is a solid video converter with a variety of formats that will let you watch your audio and video no matter what the file type. View full description


  • Good advanced options
  • Screenshot and screen recording functions
  • Lots of formats


  • Bad translation
  • Clunky controls


Quick Media Converter is a solid video converter with a variety of formats that will let you watch your audio and video no matter what the file type.

First impressions count, but Quick Media Converter doesn't make a good one. Despite favorable reviews of previous versions, first contact with the program revealed a cluttered interface and terrible translation. Could Quick Media Converter redeem itself?

Admittedly, when we took a longer look at the interface, it began to make more sense. There are two modes: Easy and Expert. Drag and drop your files to add them to Quick Media Converter's list, or use the buttons on the left. Choose your target format from the icons at the top of the program, tweak the settings (if necessary), pick a save directory and off you go.

Quick Media Converter has plenty of good points - conversions were fast, there's a preview window, and more experienced users will appreciate the editing options in Expert. Unfortunately, Quick Media Converter also crashed frequently and you have to specify the save directory separately every time you convert.

In all, when Quick Media Converter converted a video, it did so well. It has a great selection of formats and the converted videos were good quality. That said, that's simply not enough to excuse its weak points, and it's hard to use it without thinking of the hundreds of other converters out there that do the same job, but better.

Quick Media Converter - an ok program, but not enough good points to overlook the bad ones.


  • New improved faster interface
  • New improved installation process
  • Many bugs have been solved and removed
  • Improved and embedded video player with possibility to extend its window or to go to full screen
  • Technical Information on files now are in a separate window and include your pc os and your current QMC version to allow copy and paste on the help forum when required
  • HD TS files are also supported.when not encrypted
  • Full HD section
Quick Media Converter


Quick Media Converter

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    Good but with some problems.
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  • by Anonymous

    One Problem.
    usually wont play or convert large files I tried it for flv files didnt work 4 large ones.   More